How do I cancel my Earth Breeze subscription?

Your subscription self-management account allows you to make any changes to your subscription at any time. You simply create your account, or log in if you have already created your account, and choose "edit" to make any changes. As you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find an option to cancel your subscription.

Before you decide to do this, we would love to connect about any concerns or questions that you might have about any of our products so that we can help to resolve the issues.

If you have too much supply, for example, you can delay or skip your next order. You can even pause this for 6 months or more, depending on your laundry lifestyle needs. Many of our customers find that this option works well for them. We even have a 12-month subscription.

We love to talk about laundry and welcome you to reach out before you cancel so we can assist you in finding an option that works.

** If you have taken the opportunity to sign up with our Free Trial Offer, you may not see the cancellation option in your self-management until your first standard-sized package has been shipped. If you have received an email that says your first standard pack is about to process you can log in to your account on our website and cancel your plan in the 'Account' section.

If you have not yet received this email but would still like to cancel while on your trial period, we will need to verify your account details so please reach out via email to Be sure to add your order number, account name, and delivery address to the request to cancel your Free Trial subscription. It would also be great to know a cancellation reason. This really helps us with improving our service and product and we are so grateful to those who provide this feedback.

Once we receive your request we can cancel your plan and you will not be charged ongoing.

Your Customer Delight Specialists and Community Engagement Specialists are available at any time to help you. Simply reach out to us via email, Social Media accounts via direct message on Facebook or Instagram.

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