Why would I want to subscribe?

We can share so many reasons!

Our Laundry Detergent Eco Sheets are only 20 cents a load with our subscription option, this is on par or more affordable than old-fashioned brands. We even offer free carbon-neutral shipping. The Earth Breeze subscription is noncontract and easy to cancel!

We offer 24/7 support via our email, and can always be reached through our social media platforms as well. We are deeply committed to making sure your customer experience is a positive one.

You control your Earth Breeze subscription with a super-simple self-management tool directly from our website. This can also be accessed via SMS!

Additionally, we have an automated email system that will send an email 5 days before your subscription is set to ship, giving you ample time, and full control to make any adjustments needed!

As an added bonus for being a subscribing customer, you will have the option to trial our new products before anyone else, and may also be chosen for incentives and discounts as well.

We really hope you give us a try to see what you think!

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