How are you carbon offsetting?

We are partnered with We Are Neutral to offset our entire businesses' carbon footprint.

The carbon emissions generated from producing and shipping Earth Breeze orders are balanced by native tree plantings, energy upgrades for low-income families, urban agriculture, landfill diversion, landfill methane capture, vehicle fuel efficiency tuneups, and massive amounts of environmental education.

For example, in the first half of 2021 we offset 67.61 tons of CO2 which is equivalent to 14.60 vehicles taken off the road, 2,568 incandescents switched to LEDs, and 1,118 tree saplings grown for 10 years!

If you have more questions, simply send us a message and receive an almost immediate response at or message our social media via Facebook or Instagram. We can also be reached here by sending a message through our website.

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