How do I use the Earth Breeze Refillable Foaming Hand Soap?

To get started with your Earth Breeze Refillable Foaming Hand Soap Kit, all it takes is a few simple steps!

  • Fill Bottle - Use warm water and fill to the line (approx. 240 ml/8 oz).
  • Drop-In- Add one dissolving tablet. (Mixing scents is not recommended).
  • Dissolve for 30-45 minutes - Take some time for yourself while the tablet dissolves fully. Leave the pump off the top while the tablet dissolves, and wait for it to be entirely dissolved before re-securing the pump to the top of the bottle.
  • Ready to Use- Reattach the pump, swirl the bottle (do not shake), lather up, and rinse. If you notice the foam becoming more watery after sitting for a while, simply swirl the bottle a little more so the contents can dissolve fully.

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